Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Patras

The University of Patras, which is the third Higher Educational Institution in the country in terms of student number, academic departments and personnel, has planned and built within the University Campus the Conference and Cultural Centre (C.C.C.). The main purpose was to contribute towards a better and more effective organization and management of scientific and other conferences, as well as towards the further cultural development of the greater region of Western Greece. It is the University’s ambition that the Centre becomes a pole for international conferences and the main tool for the development of the cultural life of the region.

More specifically, the purpose of the Conference and Cultural Centre is the organization of conferences, symposia, seminars, musical, theatrical and other cultural events, in co-operation with the Municipality of Patras, the Ministry of Culture and other Institutions such as the Music Hall of Athens, the National Opera House, the National Theatre, regional theatres etc., as well as the assignment of its premises.  

The City of Patras

Welcome to Patras, a bustling student city, a place where entertainment, history and culture mingle together to create a destination filled with wonderful discoveries. Gifted by nature, Patras is nowadays a commercial hub and Greece’s third most significant city.

Patras is one of the Greek cities that never sleeps. Follow its rhythm. Spend your morning walking around the city’s squares: Georgiou, Olgas or “Ypsila Alonia” (meaning high raisin plateau), and admire the city’s beautifully restored neoclassical buildings. Visit the city’s museums: the  Archaeological museum of Patras, the Folk Art Museum, or the Museum of History and Ethnology.

Discover Patras shopping area, and shop your heart out! When you feel tired, enjoy a fine meal, and relax at a lounge café. Then, when night sets in, observe how the streets of the city are transformed into venues of fun. Patras nightlife awakens!