The following guidelines are common for Oral (deadline for submission 10th February 2023) or Poster Presentations (deadline for submission 19th February 2023) and all authors are kindly requested to follow them for abstracts submission.

Selected poster abstracts will be presented as flash presentations.

  • Abstracts should be submitted online (helmedchem2023.gr) or via e-mail at abstracts@helmedchem2023.gr  to the attention of Mr. Gerasimos Kouloumpis.
  • The abstract must be written in English.
  • The abstract must be submitted in word format doc or docx.

The abstract should be structured as follows.

  1. Title in capital letters, bold, font 14, Times New Roman or Arial

One empty line

  1. Full author names. The author who will present the work should be underlined.

One empty line

  1. Affiliations of all authors. (institutions, universities etc). Refer to authors’ name according to institution with an asterisk. e.g. Surname Name*, Surname Name**

* Institution A

** Institution B

One empty line

  1. Abstract text. It can include figures and one or two references.

Abstracts (including titles, names, address, and the full text) should not exceed one A4 page in total, using (except for the title) fonts 12 Times New Roman or Arial, single space, and default margins (top 2.54 cm, below 2.54 cm, left 3.18 cm right 3.18 cm)

In case you face any problem with online abstract submission please send your abstract via email to Mr. Gerasimos Kouloumpis at k.ge@zita-congress.gr